Familiarize yourself with our French Bulldog kennel, the breed, and what to generally expect during the adoption process.


Q: Why do you love French Bulldogs?
A: There are so many reasons. Bulldogs are a great combination of hilarious personality, small size, adorable faces, infamous bat ears, variety of colors and endless creative color combinations.

Q: What is the health of French Bulldogs like?
A: Health is important to us. We use the selective approach: Dogs that develop or produce undesirable traits are removed from breeding. This approach takes time and several generations. But in the long run, it is the most successful approach and renders better results than breeding based off of a limited number of DNA tests available through various vet labs.

Some health problems can be triggered or aggravated by inbreeding

Q: What if you do not have a puppy I want at this time?
A: We encourage you to fill out our brief application, to let us know what kind of dog you are interested in and to start communication. It also lets us know more about you and the potential home our puppy would be going into. No deposit is needed at this time.

Q: What is a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit?
A: When a puppy is reserved for you, it is taken off the market, so to speak. It is your puppy now, you are just waiting for it to finish nursing and get ready for his or her new home. The puppy is now not available to others, who may also be interested.
ALL kennels/breeders charge a non-refundable deposit. It's your side of the deal. Your promise. If you can't fulfill it - you lose your deposit.

Q: What is the adoption fee of your puppies?
A: Price depends on quality, breeding and DNA. Some rare DNA's can be very pricey. A quality fawn pup will cost a little more than a not very well bred fawn, right? And you would want a quality bred one better because they are nicer and more appealing.

Q: Are you able to ship your puppies?
A: This can be discussed.

Q: What if I live close?
A: We follow all safety guidelines and meet outdoors. There have been too many stories about buyers and visitors bringing viral infections into kennels. You are welcome to come visit and see puppies. DO NOT come if you just recently visited another kennel, dog park, pet store or have a sick dog at home. It is not safe to invite into our home someone we met on the Internet and we believe most of you would be hesitant to do that as well. So thank you in advance for understanding. We can do a virtual call.

Q: How do I RESERVE a puppy?
A: Please inquire for specifics if our waitlist is currently open. Deposits can be paid by Zelle, Venmo, Cashapp or check. Please note puppies are reserved on a first come, first serve basis in terms of receiving your deposit (not your application). We do not hold puppies for anyone without a paid deposit.

Q: When is payment for the adoption fee for my puppy due?
A: Upon pick-up.

Q: At what age can the puppies go to their new home?
A: At 8-9 weeks. Once vaccinated.

Q: How about the puppy's pedigree?
A: All our breeding dogs are purebred pedigree dogs, they are all registered with AKC or UKC or one of FCI registries. Your puppy comes with a Contract and a Vet Check up report and with a one year guarantee against a hereditary disease. You are not allowed to breed our puppies without breeding rights, which have to be agreed and paid a different price ahead of time. Some dogs are placed without papers, usually they cost a little less or buyers do not care about papers.

Q: Which coat colors do you breed?
A: Classics of course. Fawns and pieds are the favorites. And other beautiful colors, like blues and lilacs.

Q: How do I prepare for my puppy?
A: Have a sectioned off area for the puppy. Get a crate, bowls, accessories, toys, food, cleaning supplies. A: Have a sectioned off area for the puppy. Get a crate, bowls, accessories, toys, food, cleaning supplies.

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